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Running Made Me, Saved Me, and Ruined Me. Why and How I Hit Reset.

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One Day Closer, Training Plan

It's taken me an injury to sit back and realize how far off track I have become with my overall fitness. Appearance-wise and Ability. So to keep me in check I will be posting my daily workouts to this blog post, this way I am not annoyingly throwing them out there via social media everyday. Feel free to steal any workouts, actually I encourage you to!!! Also, if you have any questions please ask! I am not running much at all right now, so forgive me while I squat.....
FRIDAY September 1
3 sets, 12 x lat pull down (60#) 12 x close grip lat pull down(60#) 12 x rope bicep curls(25#) 12 x rope row(35#) 12 x row(20#) 12 x Bicep curls(30#) 12 x trx reverse lateral raises 10 x assisted pull ups 8 x dips
THURSDAY August 31
3sets, 10 x step ups 10 x hip thrusters 10 x curtsy lunges 10 x goblet squats 10 x lateral raises 10 x Bicep curls 10 x frontal raises
3 MILES on Elliptical 

Wednesday August 30
3sets, 12 x lat pull down (55#) 12 x close grip lat pull down(60#) 12 x rope row(30#) 12 x rope curl(30#) 12 x curls(30…

Running Ugly

Does running bring out an ugly side in people, and should you be looking in the mirror as you read this.

      Everyone, whether openly or secretly likes "wants" to win, win overall, win age group, win locally. It isn't a sin to want yourself to do good, heck do great, it's what you have been training for the past months, years. But is there that grey area, that things are done or said that makes you re-think the whole "I never met an angry runner" "runners are humble good people" "runners want everyone to succeed".

      My own experiences, I've seen my own ugly side, & came to grips that there will always be someone out there faster, stronger, and it makes me want to improve myself, so thank you, but I have also had a lot of ugly things done to me as well, whether it was said to the running community or posted on social media, heck I even had runners make fake accounts to scare me. I have made a lot of friends running, speciall…


I ended 2016 with a lot of doubt in my mind that I would be strong enough again to do an Ultra event so soon. I ran 2 50k races on October that in my mind I did decent at. Coming off ANOTHER injury really killed my spirits and I lost a lot of MOTIVATION to WANT to train again.

I was registered for my FAVORITE event: Harbison 50k that happened to fall on the day before my 31st BIRTHDAY. "BUT" about 2 weeks prior I hit rock bottom, I didn't WANT to run, I didn't even WANT to get off the couch, I was throwing myself a 'pity party' on my couch and my ONLY FRIENDS were Netflix and Breyers ICE CREAM. All because I wasn't where I wanted to be with my training, and I wasn't as fast, as strong, as determined as I once was.

I wasn't sure at the time why or how I ended up starting to find motivation again, it could have been me quitting my job (Assistant Manager at Planet Fitness Savannah GA) and finding another job that suited me much better, (Georgia Game …

FATS 50k

What can I say about FATS 50k...

When I think about this past weekend I want to crawl up in a ball and cry. This wasn't first race back from a 5 month injury, also this training was done on 5 weeks, my longest run was 16 miles, not counting a 28 mile "run/walk" day. I decided to run FATS the Thursday before, I knew the course was not easy considering I ran it a few years ago (4:56) which was good enough for 1st lady and the 2nd fastest female time on the course.

The course is mostly all single track, rooty, rocky, and a constant roller coaster ride to and from HELL. It consisted of 4 different trails, and 5 loops.

Starting conditions the weather was decently cool but that didn't last long. Starting- was a mess, following the leading men we went the wrong way- but figured out shortly after we made a boo boo.

I stayed with Merle Glick for the first 10 miles- we were moving- 8 min paces on those trails- which later in the race I came to realize Taryn you are not in rac…

Past 3 months

Most people know my passions in life are running and my dogs. Over the past 3 months I have lost my ability to run due to an injury which should have been healed already if it wasn't for the lack of care I have received with my physicians. I also had to say good bye to one of my dogs.

I went to the Emergency Room early April 2016 after a fall. With severe pain in my right groin. No X-Rays were taken. I was given crutches, a steroid, pain killers and muscle relaxers, told to stay off leg for a few days and ease back into walking/running- was treated for a groin pull.

Followed up with my Physician a week later with still a lot of pain in my right groin. Was given a different type of muscle relaxer. Still no X-Ray taken/ordered.

After a couple weeks I requested to see a Physical Therapist since my groin was not getting any better, in hopes for some help.

Physical Therapist gave me exercises to do to help strengthen my glutes in hopes to strengthen my groin. 2 weeks after seeing Jerre…

Skidaway Island Marathon

Since I ended up getting sick at Caumsett 50k earlier this month I felt like I should jump into another race since I was/am "race ready" I put in the work so I might as well do a race to see where I stand.
Skidaway Island Marathon fell on March 26th, which was a good weekend for me to have a race. 
I didn't really have a goal in mind for this marathon, other than to have a good race. I thought I may be able to get 3:10/3:15 after hearing the horror stories of how humid/hot and the amount of winding turns being made on course.
Weather was calling for thunderstorms, lightening and heavy rain. Yay!! Luckily I wasn't raining at the start.

I started out slower than I typically would for a road marathon- which was a good move on my part, I didn't look at my watch from mile 1 to until I reached the half marathon point. I just ran comfortably chatting along with a few other runners. 
The course was marked very well- and was it a very zig-zagy course for sure! I'm not sure…