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Leading into Iron Horse 50 Mile I had a goals of running 7:00/7:15. It was around mile 28 when I realized that was not going to happen. 85+* and 100% humidity will send you into the lonny bin, and I went in kicking and screaming!!! BUT FIRST,... wait what my first ultra distance in OVER A YEAR!?! 8 MONTHS of injuries. And just 3 months of training and I am out here running a 50 miler, how did this come about???? I definitely need to be in this loony bin! Someone get me on Meds quick! So, 2017 what a year that I learned to embrace injuries... ha, f$@k that. All that I embraced was Netflix bingeing I did. Let's just skip how awful 2017 was and let's focus on the present and the future...IRON HORSE 50 MILESo now I use 50 mile races as training runs? WTF? I felt pretty swell those first 28 miles, running 7:55/8:05 paces, I even remember crossing the 25 mile mark singing and doing the arm movements of "BYE BYE BYE". It was then I literally went bye bye bye, My poor husban…
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Raising 5 Dogs

Growing up I can remember my father telling us three girls that we could have as many dogs as we wanted when we were all grown up, moved out of the house and had families of our own. He said this a few times, as we would beg for a family pet while playing with the neighborhood dog, Bear. I'm not certain what breed Bear was. To me, he literally lived up to his name. I was 5, maybe 6 years old, and he was triple my size standing tall, floppy ears, dopey eyes, shaggy black hair and brown just around his muzzle. I remember being able to just lay on top of him with no fear!So, I’m moved out, I’m married, and I have 5 dogs. One of them is currently chewing on my down comforter, one pissed in the corner of the living room, one stole my eggs off my plate at breakfast, one is humping the other as it just stands there, farting. Yep, it’s pretty much my Heaven, it is my Home. How did I get here?“LOVE ISN’T FEARED”Maybe it was for the fact of a traumatic accident that occurred while I was you…

DNS, Injury, Health, and a Marathon!

I remember my very last race before this past weekend, well a race I had to DNS (Did Not Start) very well. It was the Run for Red Pocono Marathon, in Pennsylvania, mid May 2017. I planned to make it  a mini vacation out of the race weekend because my family lives so very close by. It was to be my 12th Full Marathon, even though I've ran over 40 Ultra Marathons I was super excited to add on one more Marathon to my finishes. My training was going rather well and I was expecting to either PR (sub 3:02) or possibly even go sub 3 hours on a good day, this race is a pretty fast course and I remember from running it years prior that if you are smart on the down hills the inclines can be very forgiving. Well I did not get to even run this marathon, the day before I was suppose to take my flight to Scranton, Pa. I was at work and feeling very light headed, dizzy and almost about to collapse. I was dealing with Hypertension issues for a few months now and on meds to control it, but the meds…

2018 Race Calendar

Jekyll Island Marathon
       ▪1st Female, 13th OverallFEBRUARY 10
Iron Horse Endurance 50 Mile
        ▪ 1st Overall MARCH 4
Palmetto Bluff MarathonMARCH 10
Peytons Wild Wacky 50kMARCH 24
Fort Clinch 50 MileAPRIL 8
Ultra Race of Champions 100k SEPTEMBER
Pine Creek Challenge 100kOCTOBER
Steamtown MarathonNOVEMBER
*JFK 50 Mile*   ....awaiting acceptance....

Running Ugly

Does running bring out an ugly side in people, and should you be looking in the mirror as you read this.

      Everyone, whether openly or secretly likes "wants" to win, win overall, win age group, win locally. It isn't a sin to want yourself to do good, heck do great, it's what you have been training for the past months, years. But is there that grey area, that things are done or said that makes you re-think the whole "I never met an angry runner" "runners are humble good people" "runners want everyone to succeed".

      My own experiences, I've seen my own ugly side, & came to grips that there will always be someone out there faster, stronger, and it makes me want to improve myself, so thank you, but I have also had a lot of ugly things done to me as well, whether it was said to the running community or posted on social media, heck I even had runners make fake accounts to scare me. I have made a lot of friends running, speciall…


I ended 2016 with a lot of doubt in my mind that I would be strong enough again to do an Ultra event so soon. I ran 2 50k races on October that in my mind I did decent at. Coming off ANOTHER injury really killed my spirits and I lost a lot of MOTIVATION to WANT to train again.

I was registered for my FAVORITE event: Harbison 50k that happened to fall on the day before my 31st BIRTHDAY. "BUT" about 2 weeks prior I hit rock bottom, I didn't WANT to run, I didn't even WANT to get off the couch, I was throwing myself a 'pity party' on my couch and my ONLY FRIENDS were Netflix and Breyers ICE CREAM. All because I wasn't where I wanted to be with my training, and I wasn't as fast, as strong, as determined as I once was.

I wasn't sure at the time why or how I ended up starting to find motivation again, it could have been me quitting my job (Assistant Manager at Planet Fitness Savannah GA) and finding another job that suited me much better, (Georgia Game …